Which paintings become prints?

I select a couple of new original paintings from my studio each year to become prints.

The prints are posted first for purchase on my shop and social media, and then the original painting is posted available for purchase after the prints are released.

Under the description of the original painting, it will say whether there are prints made of that image.  The prints are always smaller in size than the original painting. The high quality print on canvas is mounted on a wooden stretcher, and we attach a wire on the back, so it’s ready to hang as is, and doesn’t need to be framed.

What are the differences between Original Paintings and Prints?

Original Paintings are rich in translucent layered colours, thick texture and brushstrokes. Painted on Canvas that is mounted on a deep edge wooden stretcher, they are ready to hang as is, or could be framed if desired.

Original Paintings hold and increase their value over time, making them a fantastic investment and heirloom. Originals are protected from fading and damage with an archival high quality UV protection varnish.  Prints are smaller versions of the Original Painting, and capture the image and colour and even brushstrokes beautifully, but don’t have the texture of Original Paintings, because they are reproductions. They are also on canvas, mounted on a wooden stretcher in a similar fashion, ready to hang as is. They work great to brighten up a space, whether it be office, cabin, or home, and are a great alternative to an original painting if budget is a factor in purchasing.  Prints are generally about 15% of the cost of what an Original Painting is.  They also make great gifts!

I want to get a custom painting of the view from my cabin, what is the process to do that?

Whether it be a view from you home away from home, a favourite place on the lake or something that really spoke to you, a custom painting will capture that magic moment on canvas forever.  Perhaps you are looking for a special gift that is one of a kind.  A custom painting is perfect for that.  I can do a custom painting in any size, and with a photograph or series of photographs to be combined, or I can come out to your location and take photographs and sketches on site.  Not sure what size to get, or exactly what would compliment your room? No problem, I can come over and we can come up with the perfect idea and size for your space.  Visit my page, “Custom Artwork” under Shop for more information, or give me a call at (807)407-3388.

Where can I view your original paintings in person?

You can go to any of my representing galleries to view my paintings.  There are many across Canada, so have a look to see if there is one near you.  The inventory and displays are always changing, so have a look at the gallery pages to see what’s new.  You can also view originals and prints right here in my studio. Email melissajeanart@shaw.ca or call (807)407-3388 to set up an appointment. 

What does an original painting cost?

Prices are determined by size. You can see the menu for my current price list under Custom Artwork towards the bottom of the page.  This is a shortened price list, so if there is a size you are looking for that is not on the menu, please contact me directly.  

price list is subject to possible annual increases of approximately 2-5%, on October 1 of each year.)

Have more questions?

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